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Halal Catering - Halal Catering Service offers UK's top halal caterers. Whether you're looking for a halal catering company for an upcoming wedding or Asian event, you'll find it all in our directory.
Indus Catering
Indus Catering are our featured halal catering service provider. Truly halal, hygenically prepared delicious food.
Call Indus Catering at 0800 681 6528 and Quote "1606" for a free bridal suite or free welcome drinks for any halal event.

Our collection of articles are your guide to finding the best Halal caterer in your area, be in London, Midlands or elsewhere in the UK.
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Halal Caterers

Preparing any classical dish is an art in itself. One has to keep track of all the smaller details that fascinate the taste buds. A full meal of exotic dishes is close to a symphony of ingredients that has played well together to please the palette. It is an absolute delight to all.

Food is not only considered important for nourishment but as a way of life and religion. Religion has for ages played a very important part to assemble and assort different cuisines. Numerous religions are prevalent around the world. About 1.5 billion Muslims live in different parts and places around the world. 70 % of these Muslims folks follow the halal food standards. They avoid alcohol and pork derived food in the menu. They also stick to standards set by the Quran for having any animal products. For a Muslim, any animal has to be offered to Allah first, before it can be consumed by any Islamic man. Every year the halal caterers are tapping into the $580 billion market that is prevailing in the world. Halal caterers in general are very sought after in any party.

Halal caterers are established throughout the world. They serve exquisite dishes to the clients. It falls among the five principal groups of foods i.e. Authentic & Speciality, Kosher, Private label, Mediterranean & Gourmet. Halal caterers usually serve cuisines that are a good mix of Indian, Pakistani and Afghani food. The arrangement for such cuisine is separate and different from other cuisines. The equipments and supplies are brought from labeled suppliers. These suppliers are certified halal food product suppliers. The certification is given by renowned authorities. Most of these authorities are non governmental and they exist in literally all countries.

Halal caterers hire chefs that are leading and experienced in their way of work. Every possible and available cuisine can be prepared from their kitchen. They arrange parties and different programs in same way as a general caterer would. The food is as cheap as Asian cuisines. The arrangement can be fixed to suit parties like banquet, cocktail party, barbeque, canapé and corporate events. Stuffs and chefs are very professional in their way of presentation. Generally you do not have to stick to fixed menus but you can explore few non-vegetarian dishes in the palate.

Muslims today form one of the largest groups in UK. To avoid misunderstanding and stereotypical social obligations, the offices these days keep halal catering available for their employees. This way a guest does not only have to depend on vegetarian foods but can try non- vegetarian stuffs as well. It is crucial to respect guests and see to their restrictions. Halal caterer is an opportunity to overcome the difficulties.

In UK following are the few names that are known to be good halal caterers:

Indus Catering

Delhicious Foods Ltd

Pride of Asia Event Caterers Ltd

Green leaf

Sapna caterers

The Curry Special

Few other catering services also exist. Most of them have very cheap prices set for their food. Customized menus are fixed with special discounts that would suit the pocket. It is generally easier to hire a halal caterer than a general one. This way you can keep availability of both halal and non halal food for your guests.

In UK, Britons are quite familiar with halal caterers. The presentation, taste and deliverance are as compatible and as high standard as any renowned caterers of Asian cuisine.  Not only Asian delicacies but halal caterer can serve western gourmet and European cuisines as well.


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