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Halal Wedding Catering

Near about every wedding caterer is born out of the hope to serve and put up events that might be a memorable experience for the guests as well as the host. In a cosmopolitan world where different religion and classes live together – The guests list can be quite varied for an event. Each one comes from different spheres of life. Some are vegetarian while other prefers foods that were permissible to the Islamic believers. Few are also Jewish or Hindus.

According to the Quranic law every Muslims should avoid alcohol and have meats or any other products that were slaughtered by the Zibah Method. Zibah method is mentioned in the fifth chapter of Qur`an Al-Maida 5:3. Halal wedding caterers specifically serve dishes cooked from meat and poultry that are offered to God or Allah. Most of the Halal wedding catering services buy such products from certified halal suppliers.

Such suppliers are authentic and trusted among the Muslim community. The halal wedding caterers apply to this certification from their local organization that comes for screening. After screening, if they pass the rules then they can use the stamp under their names.

Halal wedding catering business is extensively established in different places. This is specifically due to the fact that about 1.27 billion Muslims are established in and around different countries. They are in large numbers in Middle Eastern regions as they are outside the place. 70 percent of these Muslims still follow the Quranic rules and are staunch Islam followers.

Halal wedding caterers are more prevalent in the Singapore US and UK. We can see such large densities of Halal wedding caterers in the region because there is a larger presence of Muslim families in the countries. These countries were established with people who immigrated from different land and regions to settle down and have family. These countries are also a high ground for tourists and travelers from around the world.

Few of the renowned names in this halal wedding catering business include:

Shaziana: Prestigious and widely known halal catering services in UK. They have served at many venues and come highly recommended under the top notch wedding caterers of the London suburbs.

Hason Raja: Based at London they dish out the best and most genuine tandoori and chicken recipes from experienced chefs of high caliber.

Elite Wedding Caterer: They have over 30 years of experience in the business. They are also a renowned halal wedding caterer in London.

Seasoning Restaurant & Caterers: High quality foods are available with this caterer. They serve both Indian and Indo-Chinese cuisine. Exquisite menu and some of the most authentic dishes are churned out at every memorable occasion. They also serve halal food and food products.

There are few others names too, who are known good halal catering services in London. The names include Barkat Catering Services, Chaudhury’s TKC, Sophisto events Ltd etc.

For ages all these family run businesses are serving wedding parties as they are any other events. Starting from Thai food to Mexican, Japanese and Indian they are professional halal wedding caterers. They choose the finest chefs, the freshest ingredients and the most professional people to help out. They turn simple get- together and family parties into an extravagant affair.

Like any other general caterers the Halal wedding caterers arrange according to the need of their clients. Exclusive Halal meat cuisines are available side by side the general cuisines. Some mouth watering cuisines include:

  • Methi Chicken
  • Tawa Chicken Keema
  • Chicken Korma
  • Balti Chicken
  • Prawn Curry
  • Reshmi Kebabs
  • Tandoori Lamb Chops
  • Fried Masalla Fish


So from sea-foods to fish, mutton and chicken you will come across attractive varieties.

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